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Kickass Torrents is back online, backed by original team. Katcr.co is Kickass' new website.

Kickass / KAT was relaunched by the original staffers: Katcr.co/new

On December 16th the new Katcr.co (KATcr) website was launched. It's a fully working torrent site, which looks identical to its predecessor Kat.cr. The majority of Kickass Torrents' original moderators, technical staff and team joined Katcr.co/new after Kat.cr went down. To keep the sites member safe, the site was rebuilt and only the safe elements were kept, according to KATcr crew.

Due to high server load KATcr.co is loading very slowly.

Katcr is back Katcr.co torrents Katcr new signup Kickass account signup paused December 20th – Katcr.co temporary stopped new member registration due to high traffic and technical issues.

Katcr co new domain

Kickass Torrent Sites

KAT Kickass Proxy

A list of working Kickass KAT proxies and mirror sites.

Updated: 19th December 2016

Kickass Proxy working

Kickass Proxy and mirrors

Safe Kickass proxies are: https://kickassto.co, https://katproxy.is, https://thekat.tv, https://kickass.ag, https://kickass.ac

Kickass alternative

A small list of KAT torrent alternative sites:

KAT.cr and Kickass.to

Kat.cr was operating on multiple proxy sites and could be accessed by using a VPN or Tor. All legit Kickass proxies have been listed on this status page.

Since July 21, 2016 the kickass.to domain shows a banner hosted by Department Of Justice saying that kickass.to has been seized as part of a joint law enforcement operation. Kat.cr remains offline and it's not said if Kickass will have a comeback.

KAT.cr Kickass.to seized


The domain KAT.ph was the official home of Kickass Torrents before it switched to KAT.cr and the mirror Kickass.to.

Kickass blocking and censorship

Kickass has been blocked around the globe (see Kickass blockade on Wikipedia). Anyhow these Kickass proxies can still deliver the content of the official KAT to you!

More KAT Proxies

Can't access https://kat.cr or an official KAT proxy?
Use one of the mirrors below:

Most of these proxies don't work any longer!